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                Santuo Welding Equipment Become a domestic high-quality scientific and technological enterprises

                4 core strength cast industry-leading brand
                • Years of experience in the accumulation of business experienceEnterprises have a large production base for you to create professional high-quality products each year to replace the new equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced machines.
                • Excellent team received customers wide acclaimYi Bao cultivate a number of cutting-edge product R & D personnel, every year went to high-tech enterprises to learn in the domestic industry to occupy a certain advantage.
                • Quality products allow you to enjoy the professional and technicalIn every process, every aspect of strict quality control, to ensure that a product inspection pass rate of 99.8%.
                • Customer first to customers without worriesCompany product variety, you can carefully selected, and meet all your production requirements, one to one service allows you to rest assured that choice.
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                Changzhou Santuo Welding Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in the R & D, design production, sale and maintenance of 3D modular clamping system. The introduction of German technology brought together the industry elite, continuous innovation and refine on. Understanding the meaning of uncompromising quality, Santuo has its own consistent objective of optimizing economic efficiency while maintai.........
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                CASE CENTER 案例中心 Combined with international advanced technology and national truth, "honest and pragmatic, customer first" two principles for their own coordinates.


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